The Enterprise

The Enterprise

We are a company that provides services in the area of internal auditing, consulting and advisory. Its professionals and employees has wide experience in the accounting and financial areas. Our commitment is to exceeding expectations on every engagement, big or small, for every client, local or nationalwide. It's about more than our depth of experience or technical excellence, more than our open, communicative culture. It's about a firm-wide dedication to delivering service to every single client that is, without exception, exceptional.


To keep the trust and the trustees of all stakeholders in the activity, to be an independent auditing and to deliver the relevance of professional performance, safeguarding and promoting standards of excellence in accounting and independent auditing


To be a company that participates in the regulation of the accounting and independent audit activity in convergence with other regulatory entities and still always working in accordance with generally accepted accounting standards. To be a company with technical and educational reference in matters related to independent internal auditing.





Consistency and continuity of purpose


Team work



Main Principles

Demonstrate integrity
Demonstrate proficiency
Be objective and free from undue influence (independent)
Be aligned with the organization's strategies, objectives and risks
Being properly positioned and with adequate resources
Demonstrate quality and continuous improvement
Communicate effectively
Provide risk-based assessments
Be insightful, proactive and focused on the future
Promote organizational improvement


Our examinations will be in accordance with the generally accepted accounting standards by technical Brazilian pronouncements (CPC) and its technical and general accounting standards among with the (IFRS) (IASB) (FASB). Our core principles will attend the standards and guidelines of international framework of professional practices (IPPF) which is the conceptual basis for organizing the official information promulgated by the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA).