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Internal Auditing
Internal Processes Auditing
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Internal Auditing

It is an independent activity, and aims at an assurance level of assessment. Our internal audit solutions can provide a strong, strategic framework for meeting internal requirements, controls, and risk management.

It can also help the company anticipate problems and identify areas of performance improvement, it is more than a tool for assurance, when performed correctly, plays a key role in generating value for your company

Processes Auditing

The processes of a company drive the numbers up to the financial statements. It is important that the path is free of material errors so that the information arrives appropriately to the accounting and tax records.

The evaluation of the design and effectiveness of internal controls, with document inspection and observation of activities, are some of the activities developed to guarantee the accuracy and timeliness of the information used in the financial reports and in the decisions of the administration


Consulting is a service that aims to assist a person or company in a given situation through expert opinion and expert support in the definition and resolution of a problem and minimizes the chances of a solution failure given the experience (theoretical and / or practice) of the consultant or consultant involved.

Having a consultancy is an investment that can help a company build a competitive edge in the marketplace. But it is important that the company that seeks a consulting, first of all, to understand their need, to know how to define exactly the service profile that the company needs


Counseling is one of the most common procedures in our culture, developed by people with remarkable knowledge of any subject or discipline whatsoever and consists in using this experience to advise and inform those who need to develop a task, perform an activity, requiring specialized knowledge of a certain subject.

Counseling may appear more heavily on issues considered hyper-sophisticated and complex, as well as issues of lesser importance, but which are no less relevant to the assistance of a great connoisseur to develop the necessary activities


The need to keep the company always competitive requires an equation that combines productivity and efficiency with high profitability and lower costs. Controllership arises as an internal body whose purpose is to ensure that the information is appropriate to the decision-making process and is always ready to support the entity's management in the management process.

Controlling has a managerial role and needs to be developed, in its excellence, by a qualified accounting professional with a broad knowledge, in short, a continuous search for updates and new solutions are just the beginning of a path for those who intend to follow in the Marketplace